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Pages en Français

La Lubiane

Un petit hotel du type "bed and breakfast" à Vence

Le Petit Livre Bleu

Voir le Petit Livre Bleu

Boite Noire pour Voiture

Voici une Boite Noire pour Voiture

Etanchéité toit terrasse

J'ai fait refaire l'étanchéité de mon toit terrasse. Voici comment il faut faire.

Elagage par professionnels

Un abattage d'arbre difficile et dangereux par des professionnels.

Identification des filetages

Voici une table des correspondances.

Votre Réservation d'Hôtel en Direct

Privilégiez la réservation en direct pour préserver la qualité de l’hôtellerie indépendante.

Pages in English

ISO/IEC 15445 aka ISO-HTML

ISO/IEC 15445:2000, also known as ISO-HTML, provides an International Standard for the core of the HyperText Markup Language. It was written to put the weight of the ISO/IEC behind the W3C and help them hold the HyperText Markup Language steady whilst under commercial pressure.

I strongly recommend you read the User's Guide, rather than the Standard itself. It will tell you everything that you can find in ISO-HTML, and explain what it means.

Technical Note: The is only one source file for the International Standard (IS) and the User Guide. The IS is a subset of the Guide. The additional sections in the Guide are SGML Marked Sections which are included for the Guide and excluded for the IS.

If you are an SGML junkie and can decipher such incomprehensible prose as The NAME attribute value specification shall be processed as if the declared value were NAME then by all means read the IS, but the Guide is easier and just as authoritative.

Yes, this site conforms to ISO/IEC 15445.

RFC 9271

I acted as editor for RFC 9271 "Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) Management Protocol -- Commands and Responses", dated August 2022, which describes the command/response protocol currently used in the management of Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) units and other power devices often deployed in small offices and in IT installations subject to an erratic public power supply.

Network UPS tools (NUT)

Documentation and software for the Network UPS tools (NUT) project. This includes "Configuration Examples", a 131 page A5 booklet, PDF format.

The previous openSUSE page is now outdated. See the current version of "Configuration Examples" for guidance.

User's Guide to ML-Lex and ML-Yacc

I struggled with the documentation for ML-Lex and ML-Yacc included in the SML/NJ distribution, and ended up merging that documentation into my own notes to produce a PDF booklet User's Guide to ML-Lex and ML-Yacc, 88 pages plus index, 862 Kbytes. Typeset for A5 paper.

The latest version shows how to use "8-bit" ML-Lex with Unicode, and includes a working example which parses a UTF-32 encoded file. The technique may also be used with UTF-8, UTF-16 and other encodings.

If you find errors or omissions in the Guide, or find subjects that need a more thorough discussion, send a note to < guide at rogerprice dot org > and I will try to fix the problem.

Can iptables and ipsets replace TCP Wrappers?

A discussion of the use of iptables and ipsets to replace TCP Wrappers.

Direct Booking at Hotels

Small hotels are being suffocated by the mass marketing activity of on-line e-distributors, (Online Travel Booking Agencies). The commission rates, 15-25 %, of these parasitic intermediaries directly affect the rates you are charged, and reduces our investment in your comfort and the service we offer you. Please book directly with your hotel, to protect the quality and existence of the small independent hotel, and the quality of service offered.

Privilege direct booking to protect the quality of the independent hotel business.

Dear guests, By booking directly with your favorite hotel, by phone or through its official website, you will benefit by paying the same rate (and sometimes less!) plus…

Car Video Recorder

This description of a Car Video Recorder is becoming outdated.


Les chiens aboient, la caravane passe.
(Dogs bark, but the caravan rolls on.)

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